Aug 10, 2011

The Spring Roll in London

thespringroll is calling

finally breakfast

big ben
my friend posing in front of the london eye

Hello you guys, so here I am in San Diego finally sitting on my bed and writing this post. Today I want to share with you some photos of London. My friend and I had our stopover in London on our way to San Diego. We had 8 hours to bridge over so we went to Westminster for breakfast and sightseeing. We were so lucky that we had such a nice weather =) So here in San Diego its super nice. Nice weather, nice people and we do have also a nice hotel. As soon as possible I will post the photos of San Diego.

Because of the long flight I needed to wear something comfortable. Actually I didn´t know what to wear, so I just had everything with me XD I needed to you hold my pullover in London so I could wear it in the plain. This is life if you want to be prepared for everything XD 

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  1. Beautiful pics!! :)
    Have a great day!



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