Aug 6, 2011

New Hair

Hello guys, wow its the final countdown. On monday is my flight to San Diego. We have a stopover in London and we are going to do a little sight seeing.... yeah. So be excited for some london shots hihi

So a few days ago I had the chance to go to a hairdresser. It has been like 6 months I didn´t do anything for my hair.  After my exams I had the great idea to go to my friend´s mum and I am still amazed what she did to my hair.  Now I have a layered haircut and a middle parting. I just need to tie my hair over night and in the morning i get these curls. Super cool! 


  1. Your new hair style looks beautiful.

  2. New hairstyle looks great ! Very pretty and natural :)

    Jelenadoll <3

  3. I think your haircut looks beautiful! I love the curls.


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