Aug 11, 2011

San Diego BABY

Wow my internet in the hotel is working. yeah. So here a quick photo update from San Diego. At lunchtime it´s really warm here and the weather gets better and better with every day. The last days we also wore shorts. Such a nice feeling to finally experience the summer. I know in Germany right now it´s cold and rainy. Cheer up guys!! You can also see our hotelroom and we are so happy that everything is clean and look pretty. I´m so in love with the green wall. Next week we are going to move in our apartment. So excited. We already saw our apartment yesterday and it´s super cool. Pictures are following. I´m so happy I can finally wear my summer clothes and here in San Diego they also have Forever 21. OMG. I´m in heaven. I will update you with all my new stuff. So how is your summer guys? Hope you somehow also have the chance to enjoy the sun!! xoxo the spring roll =) 

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  1. What a beautiful photos! I wanna be there too!
    Have a nice day :D



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