Aug 20, 2011

The Spring Roll at Horton Plaza

Hello guys, thank you so much for your lovely mails and comments =) Since yesterday the internet in my apartment works again and as soon as possible I will reply! So, here I am in San Diego enjoying the sun. A few days ago my friend and I went (like almost every day) to Horton Plaza to do some shopping. I do love the mall actually for the food court. Everything I tried was so good and the food court itself looks like a very cute playground. That day I bought my new sport shoes (Reebok Retone) and some tops from Forever 21. I love the tops and especially my new shoes which are super comfy. I will show you everything the next days. 


  1. I love your high waisted pants girl <3

  2. I love my reebok retones! They're super comfortable... don't know if they actually do anything, but they're still fun to wear!


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