Aug 13, 2011

At the San Diego Bay

Hello you guys, today my friend and I  had a relaxed day in San Diego Down Town and at the San Diego Bay. It just feels like vacation right now. Actually I didn´t have vacation for the last 2 years.

So here in San Diego they do have Forever 21 at the Plaza Mall and actually this was the only shop I really wanted to go to. So of course I couldn´t held myself and I bought several things and of course I am not done yet. Actually the shirt I wore today is from Forever 21. This shirt is super comfy and looks super casual! Thoughts? 

Bag: Long Champ
Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: New Yorker 
Shoes: Vintage 


  1. nice pics, katy!!! happy for u :*


  2. geea thank you so much. hope you are doing good!!!! when is your flight to china? take care babe!!!!!

  3. These photos are so cute, I'm really jealous, I wish I could go somewhere like that!


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