Aug 26, 2011

Outlet Store Las Americas

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The Disney Store, me being a child again. I just noticed that most of the pictures I took were in in the Disney Store. 

sweet memories...

all our bags. 

Guess highheels. so in love with them
aaaand the purse as a  little present for my mum. 

For a very long time I was looking for another college jacket. I already have my golden one but yesterday I finally found one at Forever 21 

Hey guys, wow it´s been almost 3 weeks being here in San Diego. I really try to do daily posts.  I still have so many photos of the last days. But somehow I didn´t find the time putting them online. Right now it is super hot. Literally: I am dying.

We just came home from our little bus tour across San Diego. And again we took so many pictures which I will show you soon. So next week university starts and I´m planning to take some Marketing and PR classes. Hopefully I will also get into a Design class as well.

So the photos you see right here are some snapshots of us being at the Outlet Mall Las Americas.  This mall is just next to the border of Mexiko. We spend almost 7 hours there. We went to Nike, Forever 21, Victoria´s Secret and several other shops.  You just see a part of the things I bought yesterday. The college jacket and the heels are my favorites! After all my favorite shop was the Disney Store. =) In fact I didn´t buy anything there but still it was so much fun....


  1. Awesome blog - I found you via IFB! =D Gorgeous outfit! It looks like you had a fabulous trip! All your new purchases are TOO cute =D I absolutely love your varsity jacket!

    I'm following you via google now =D I'd love it if you could visit my blog and maybe follow as well?=D

    xoxo can't wait to see more outfits

  2. WOW! You really racked up on this shopping trip. Congrats!


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