Jan 12, 2012

My first Giveaway

Hello my beloved followers, this is my first giveaway. =) I bought this necklace in San Diego and I just fell in love with this necklace. Just love the color combination of gold and turquoise. So if you want to win something unique, just enter the giveaway ;-) Good luck to everyone!!

How can you enter the giveaway? 

1. Become a fan of the Spring Roll on facebook  liking the page 
2. Leave a comment here on this post with facebook name and surname

This winner will be chosen by chance and the giveaway will be one week long, until the 19th January.  

Good luck to everyone and thank you to all who are already fans!! If you are already a fan of course you can enter the giveaway as well. Just don´t forget to leave your facebook name here ;-)


  1. Hey It looks great! Love to read your blog, it is full of new ideas and tips! Of course I want to try my luck! :) Kisses, Nilufar Turayeva.

  2. hey, i love your blog !
    Would you like to follow eachother ?

  3. ich mache eine blogvorstellung hast du lust mitzumachen?
    hier ist der link :) :

    ich würde mich freuen, wenn du teilnimmst X

  4. schöner blog! dein design mag ich total gerne. :)
    klar hab ich lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen, fang dann mal an und hoffe dass ich dich auch bald zu meinen lesern dazu zählen kann. x)


  5. Total schöner Blog! :) Und schöne Bilder! ;)
    Kannst ja auch mal bei uns vorbei schaun! ;)


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