Jan 17, 2012


Hey you guys, first I want to remind everyone that the Berlin Fashion Week is going on: From  January 17th until January 22nd. So all eyes on Berlin!! Everytime very interesting to see new and upcoming Fashion Designers presenting cool Street Style.

So last saturday I had a good time with my friend and besides that she helped my finding the perfect perfume. Knowing me she was pointing out that this  one would be perfect. I  have to say: She is a pro when it come to perfumes! Even though I bought  My Glow by J.Lo this summer I am more excited about this one. This perfume is way more feminin, glamorous and wearable for every occasion, day or night time without being boring or too overpowering. You need to check out this parfum and also this commercial. This commercial just represents the perfume perfectly. Just fell in Love with Chloé. Thank you S. ;-) 


  1. hey partner! :) nitin´s cousin bought me that too, :* gee

  2. Heyy gorgeous,
    cute blog :)

    a newbie to blogger so if you follow me ill follow you right back :P


    much love

  3. toller blog<3
    jetzt hast du ein leser mehr:)
    lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen?;)
    kussi L&L:*

  4. Oh wie schön:)
    Wirklich sehr sehr toller Blog<3

    Lust auf gegenseitiges Verfolgen?



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