Nov 7, 2011

New Jacket

Wow even here in San Diego the winter has arrived. But luckily on saturday the weather was super nice. Not too cold so it was the perfect time to wear my new jacket inspired by the ones I posted just a few days ago.

It was also the perfect day to celebrate my friends birthday in the cheesecake factory. OMG the cakes are super delicious but also super heavy.

We still have the cakes in the fridge because we couldn´t finish them. If you have the chance go there please go XD. They have a lot of other food besides cakes.  Just go to: Cheesecake Factory and check it out. 


  1. thanks for the comment on my fashiolista =)
    i love your style =)
    i follow you...

  2. love your jacket!the cake looks delicious too.I'm definitely following your blog!:)

  3. Super cute jacket!!

  4. thank you guys!!!Appreciating your comments


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