Oct 16, 2011

The Spring Roll in Santa Monica

Hello there, how is everybody? Wow this is the very first time experiencing nice weather in october. =)

Here are some photos we took in Santa Monica.  OMG on that day it was so hot. But I really don`t want to complain. I know everybody in Germany would love to have this kind of weather we have here.

Every single piece I was wearing on this day I just bought here in San Diego. Since I figured out that the quality of the clothes of "Forever 21" is not very good anymore (my college jacket I bought was ruined after the first wash) I have a new favorite brand, actually I have several new favorite brands, like Ralph Lauren and Hollister. But I guess the main reason for that are the very fair prices. Really enjoy shopping here....

T-Shirt and Bag : Ralph Lauren
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger 
Shorts: H & M 
Sandales: Garage
Sun Glasses: Carrera 


  1. nice pics kat! send us some sun over here!!! have a blouse from hollister too, love their clothes :* enjoy ur summer in october!!!!


  2. thank you so much sweetie =)

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