Oct 2, 2011

Going Hollywood

What´s up people? Hope everybody is doing good. Unfortunately I still have a huge headache because of last night (we went out to Downtown San Diego)  I have to check the photos but I am pretty sure I will post some here, too. So on friday we went to L.A and my aim was a picture with the THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN. Everything else actually didn´t matter to me. And taking the photos was so much fun. The Walk of Fame was ok. So many people I ´ve never heard of before have a star. Pretty confusing. Resume: L.A was pretty cool but for now I have to say San Diego is nicer. Sorry L.A  :P

Top: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
Bag: New Yorker 


  1. what?? san diego is really nicer??? or are u just loyal to ur new place? :P love the pics! u should post some more :*


  2. I am not loyal to San Diego :-) I am telling the truth =) thank you gee!

  3. I went to san diego for the first time ever this spring, i fell in love with the place immediately


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