Jul 21, 2011

Au Quai

The desert was so delicious. Looking at this picture I get really hungry =) 

Hey you guys, it is such a long time I didn't post somthing on The Spring Roll. Really sorry for that! Today I had my exams. One more to come. So the only thing I did the last days or maybe weeks was to sleep, to eat and to study. But I had the chance (on my way home) to buy another a new nail polish which I want to share with you soon. XD I just can´t held myself when it comes to nail polish. 

This post is about the beautiful dinner my friend hosted 2 weeks ago. It was a really special occasion and because of that we went to a really special restaurant.  If you have the chance to come to Hamburg you need to go to there: Au Quai  We also had a photographer who took some of the photos you can see. In my opinion I look kinda pale, but I have to say: It takes forever before I get a tan. XD

My outfit needed to be elegant so I decided to wear the classic pencil skirt and a fluffily top. Hope you have the chance to enjoy your summer. Hopefully my relaxing summer is coming soon! 

Pencil Skirt: Marie Lund 
Top: H&M
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Long Champ

Photos by Sebastian Mühling


  1. Great outfit! Glad you're back.


  2. of course i likeee ;)


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