Jun 15, 2011


Hello to you all. Since my last post one week has past. So today (it´s 1:27h am right now, I guess I should say tonight) it´s all about the highlights of my last week and I´m really proud of myself I was able to take some pretty good photos. =) I´ve been to Berlin: I successfully applied for a Visa and a few days before that I was in a zoo. Writing it down sounds funny XD And actually it was fun. Being there enjoying nature and everything. But it made me also think again that animals like lions shouldn't be sleeping the whole day here in Germany. Indeed it was very sad to feel their boredom. I decided not to go to any zoo anymore...

My boyfriend heard about this great Bubble Tea Store, so this was our first station. The bubble tea there was suuper tasty. We had Milky Tea Coconut and Lychee Green Tea. You need to go there if you have the chance! http://www.boobuk.com/

That day we also watched "pirates of the caribbean 4". The movie itself wasn't that special and a little bit too long, but the slush ( yes it is the big plastic thing in my hand) was pretty tasty. Everything is always going to be good if the food is good! XD 

Hamburg: Hagenbecks Tierpark


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog and had to say hi :) LOVE your blog name - made me smile. You are so right - fashion is in everything (not just clothing).

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment dear.
    i love your photos!
    Am your newest follower.
    Hope you drop by my blog again.:)


  3. You are so right. I love boobuk bubble tea as well. It is so tasty.... Hope that I can go there again soon.

  4. thank you for your lovely comment. i really want to go there again =)


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