Jun 28, 2011

Another sunny day

Hello you guys, hello new week, hello new day =) Almost one week has past since my last post and it feels like forever I hadn't been on bloggers. I promise I will answer all your emails soon! My big journey to the US is going to start soon and there is so much to do and to buy. I still need suitcase but I cannot decide about the color and the prize. Any Ideas for a nice colored suitcase are very welcomed ;-) So yesterday after university I had the chance to relax for a couple of hours with my bf. I insisted to have some barbecue even though the sun was literally burning. At the end of the day he was right. It was too hot and after our little trip I was even more done. He still had a little strength to take some snapshots of my daily look. What´s new in this outfit? My hat. I bought it at Jack & Jones. Guys usually buy their stuff there. Somehow the hats for women in this style are not available anymore. Thoughts?

Hat: Jack & Jones
Top: H&M
Pants: New Look (Boutique) 
Bracelet: It´s a present ( But I know it´s from Accessorize) 
Shoes: Street Style


  1. The hat is brilliant. It suits you. I am looking for somthing similar for my hols.

  2. I love your shoes - they are so dainity and pretty!

    These photo's are beautiful.



  3. Really great photos I love the one against the red wall. Very artistic.


  4. very cute outfit! your makeup looks great too!


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