May 11, 2011

New Sunglasses

Hello to you all =) Today I was blessed with a day off. ( like every wednesday :P) The day started relaxed when I spontaneously decided to go finally to a workout course. Some how I ended up being in H&M buying new sunglasses =) I took some snapshots on the street with my cellphone to share them with you XD They are (as always) a little bit too big for my face but I really love the shape and I couldn't wait to find a smaller version of those. Thoughts?

Good night everyone... Except for me, still trying to figure out to how to deal with the consular electronic application center --> yes I need I visa: Because I will fly to saaaan diegoooo =) whoop whoop --> more to that later


me being very serious about taking a picture of myselfXD 

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