May 20, 2011

Burberry Scarf

Hello you guys. OMG it´s finally weekend and I hope you had a great week. The last days I was very busy dealing with studying AND applying for a visa. Yes I need a visa so I can spend my semester abroad: In San Diego =) whoop whoop 

Today i need to study as well but there was also time to take a few photos of my daily outfit. I intend to take some pictures every day so I can show you my daily outfits. Sorry for the low quality of the photos. I took them with my MacBook and not with my cam. (It´s so much easier for me to take photos if I can see myself :-) And this is only possible with my MacBooki. 

As you can see in this post my favorite pose is bending my legs. I am so creative today XD

So, my favorite piece in this outfit is the scarf. It´s from Burberry. I bought it on a garage sale during my stay in Canada XD Buying this scarf felt like christmas. Love the material and of course the Burberry pattern. Today I was also wearing my new Treggins. They are so comfortable and I´m really glad I bought them in 4 different colors. Each for 15 Euro. =) And maybe you remember my shoes. Even in spring I really like wearing these boots with with wedge heels. 

So this is my today´s outfit and I guess tomorrow is the next post =) 


  1. Really nice look, loved the wedges :)

  2. cute scarf...they are a must have!! and that bag is adorable too

  3. nice blog, nice style!! i follow you;)

    check my blog too

  4. Burberry scarf looks so pretty! I want some! I love burberry !!!!


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