Apr 15, 2011

Long Champ

Hello to you all. Today I want to share with you another favorite bag of mine. Its a Long Champ bag and it comes in a very bright red. What I love about it 1) is the size: it looks small but you can through literally everything inside it 2) obviously the color and 3) the quality of the material: It is hydrophobic, it stays firm even though I always have my whole household inside it AND it is very easy to clean.
 Some colors just come ones. So every time you see a nice Long Champ bag in a seasonal color (for example: pink, yellow, purple, green etc.) you can be sure this color won´t come back that soon ;-) But don´t worry: You can buy some colors during the whole year like black, dark blue, beige, talpa, white, dark red and brown.   

My "Long Champ Wish list" for spring ´11 

Photos are from the official Long Champ homepage: Long Champ


  1. love your style..verry nice! :D <3


  2. yuo're so cute! I like this bag :)

  3. Oooh so cute xx Lovely bags, I'll take the pink one please.

  4. thank you mi muffin! If want the bag just go on: =)


    have fun and good choice ;-)

  5. hello of course I follow your blog - I'll be glad if you follow me too :)


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